Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some thoughts & More

This is another background that I actually came up with out of necessity. I was working at a store that was getting ready to close and never ordered in new product so I had to learn use what we had in new and creative ways. I actually submitted this to a publication years ago and they returned everything except the samples and then a couple of months later there was my technique. Oh well! I know the facts and now you do as well!

As you can see I have Diamond Glaze (a.k.a. Crystal Lacquer, Crystal Accents, Glossy Accents etc...) And then you need a variety of colors of re-inkers. You will also want to have your background card stock cut and ready.
Place a small amount of of the glaze on the foil. Add a few drops of color to the glaze.

Fold the foil up and mix the colors.

Unfold the foil and expose the color. Press the papers on the glaze and move around until they are covered well. Lift them off the foil and let dry.

Try other color combinations! You can make some amazing backgrounds with this tech!

Happy Creating! Kristi


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book I am Teaching in Topeka, KS

October 1st & 2nd I will be attending a fundraising event in Topeka, Ks. This is to raise money for Hospice care. Midland Care provides Hospice care to anyone in need regardless on income. Hope you like this project well enough to come to the crop and take the class. It is the bare bones of the mini album I posted 2 weeks will learn how to make this great album using the Score-It tool and fun paper!

I am on a different computer than usual so I do not have my photo...oh well.
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Happy Creating....