Monday, August 31, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

I received the Cricut Chirp today and I can almost feel the excitement mounting as the release date of the Gypsy nears. I sit on the computer all day so really don't 'need' one but dang it, I sure do want one. I think before it's over with, we all will be drooling over this new toy. Check out this excerpt from today's Chirp.

Win a Gypsy and the Trip of a Lifetime
Did you miss the opportunity to go on a summer vacation? Are you itching to just get away and enjoy the wonders of another place? Do you feel it is time for a little extra fun in your life? Well, here's an opportunity you won't want to pass up. You have heard about the new Gypsy and how compact, convenient, and portable it is. Now, you can roam around and design anywhere with the amazing Gypsy! Crafters are just itching to own one! Cricuteers can actually win a Gypsy by purchasing one of the four newest Cricut cartridges, that just might contain a winning card! We have added even more options to the Cricut line, so there's no limit to what you can create and take away, thanks to Gypsy!

Now you could be one of 221 winners of the new Gypsy just by purchasing one of our newest cartridges from a participating retailer. What in the world are you waiting for? Come check out the details of this fabulous promotion and see what all the excitement is about!

Here is a list of the newest Cricut cartridges which could contain winning tickets:

Everyday Paper Dolls
From My Kitchen
Winter Woodland

Happy Cricuting :-)
Lonna Joy Smoot- Editor, Cricut CHIRP!

Can you feel it? Do you want to grab those new cartridges while silently saying a little prayer that you'll win? Yeah, me too. Patience, ladies. Patience. Patience. Ok, so I'm talking to myself here but you get the picture. Deep sigh. I'm good now. I can wait. Maybe.



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