Wednesday, March 31, 2010

May not be too exciting...but I am pumped!

Yes...this is a very simple page layout but what is cool, I used my brand new Cricut to cut out my letters! I also wanted to show how I use smaller photos instead of 4x6 photos. In this case I used my Selphy printer by Canon. I did two up instead of single photos.

This blizzard was insane so I wanted to show several photos I took from inside the van as we drove. Some were in pitch black and others were under street lamps. I wanted to stay with my color theme so I used the same papers to back my photos as I used to cut u my letters. (Jasmine font.) I also wanted my center photo to pop a bit more so backed it differently than the others photos.

My writing is not the best but I wanted to make sure and journal a little bit. I drew pencil lines so I could wright straight and then used a great pen to write. I also went back to my headline for this page and just put a line on the right side of each letter. It makes the letters stand out a bit without cutting a shadow letter.

As I said, this is not a complicated layout but wanted you to see the use of smaller photos and my first attempt using the wonderful Cricut. Hope you have a wonderful and creative day.

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Dakota Bear said...

Kristy-It is nice to see that simplicity can be a stand out. Continue having fun with your new Cricut.

Kristi said...

Thank you so much. I sometimes feel we try to add everythng including the kitchen sink to our projects. In scrapbooking I like to focus on the photos and not as much in all the STUFF. Tho I sometimes LOVE the stuff!