Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clay & Cutting & Stamping OH MY

Well, I promised you a more complex project this week so here it is! This is an altered Composition Book. There is a lot to this one so here it goes.

I started with all black clay. I used Premo Brand. I conditioned the clay in my pasta machine and then divided the clay. I set aside the solid black and then used multi color leafing on the the clay. I started on a thicker setting and just added leafing until I got the desired look rolling the clay thinner each time. I rolled the pieces as thin as possible without the clay falling apart. (about a 2 depending on the machine)

The next step is to partially bake the clay. You do not want it to be brittle or it will not cut me on this one! I baked mine for 7 minutes. I removed the clay, let it cool and then cut your shapes. I used my CuttleBug to do the cutting with triangle nest abilities.

So I have all these large and small triangles. I used matching small and larger stamps from Prickley Pear to stamp the solid black triangles with Encore Gold ink. I then finished baking the clay which also set the ink. Once out of the oven and cooled I edged each piece with Gold Krylon.

I used a combination of glue and red line tape. I started in the middle and worked out. I just work one side then the other. I did have some hang over so I used and Exacto to carefully trim the edge.

I added more leafing to the project on the spine with double stick tape.

I found fiber in my fiber drawer that looked good with the project and attached some beads I also made from clay and attached with really strong glue. I use a lot of glue from Art Institute. It dries clear and is very strong.

I then put a line of glue along the outside edge and placed small mosaic tiles down. These are great if you can find them. I got these from The Stencil Collection but don't think the have these tones in stock. They do have some really pretty ones available!

My final step was to mix a very small amount of resin epoxy by Envirotex and brush it over the entire front of the journal. It filled in any gaps that I had missed and gives a cool texture to the finished project.

Hope this was worth the wait! I love doing fun and different things.

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Happy Creating!



Summer Braxton said...

wow... very spectacular

Dakota Bear said...

WOW! This is quite an endeavor.

FitterTwit said...

That IS... but so worth it! Look how great that is!!! :)

Kristi said...

It was a lot of work but so pleased with the rusults. I had made another one close to this one but used a lot more Spellbinder dies. I Smperfied on this one! Thank you all!

IRW Dana said...

WOW, what a wonderful book! THanks for the wonderful info so I can make one for a friend. Thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle D said...

Great book! Very talented.

Penny Light/Light Whimsy said...

I love using clay with my cricut and cuttlebug. It's a wonderful medium, that is why I am sure that the cricut cake would be so great to use! This is a fantastic project.

Kristi said...

ty one and all! it was fun to make

Stampmyart said...

Looks awesome! One question... I didn't see if you finished baking the clay later? Or does it matter. I've been wanting to do a charm for my daughter but was afraid to hurt my Cricut...I never thought to partially bake the clay, LOL. Great thinking! ♥

Kristi said...

Good luck with your project. If you need to add bake time after cutting you may. I knew I was going to add a protective coating so did not worry too much about the bake time. It also was so thin that it does cook quicker. Have fun!!