Friday, May 18, 2012

The seduction of the Spanish wines!


hi Everyone,
It’s Thursday night the beginning of the weekend, let’s go to a wine tasting and discover that Spain  is more than just dessert wine.
Let me start by saying I was very surprise to found out Spain produce a lot of the world boutique wines and it’s not always dessert wine.
Did you know they make a brut methode champenoise? no neither did I.
A little bit of history of Spain wine making.
Rioja grapes
Aging Requirements
Sin Crianza: Wine with little or no aging in oak casks. Often referred to as Vino Joven:. Must be comprised of 100% Rioja grapes, as with all Rioja guaranteed origin wines.
Crianza: Wine in its 3rd year, matured for at least 1 year in oak cask, at least 1 year in bottle.
Reserva: Carefully selected wines, aged for at least three years, of which at least one is in oak cask and the rest in the bottle.
Gran Reserva: Wines which have been aged at least two years in oak cask and at least three years in the bottle.

Today we are going to taste a total of seven wine including 2 methode champenoise. We gathered at the home of Foster for this evening festivities for a total of 20 guests.
Are you Ready???
We started with the dry wines the reason if you start with the sweet you will not be able to taste the dry.
We were provided with a belisi stem glass and two bottle of water to rinse out our glass and clean our palette.
In addition we had fromage from Spain, tomato bread, smoke salmon.


The reds are being aerated properly before the tasting.

Water bottle for palette cleansing



Our host the owner of Wine room in DrPhillips, he travels all over the world for his store and distributes wines to several restaurant in the area. Sigh I want his job :)



What more can a girl want? great wine, friends and food :)
Have a great weekend,

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