Friday, January 29, 2010

CHA Winter 2010 Anaheim California!

Hi Everyone,
Here is a recap of CHA Winter.

I left Orlando on Thursday to work at the Provo Craft booth.

We were debuting the Cricut Cake expression machine along with a lot of new folders for Cuttlebug.
The Consumer show wasn't as busy as the one in Orlando.
Provo Craft came out with an amazing set of folders that cut emboss and stencil all at once.

If you have use nestabilities you know how hard it is to line them after cutting, with the Emboss plus from Provo craft the guess work is gone, with one pass in the machine it emboss, cut, deboss.

Now the fun part  is a little flap when you lift it you can use your chalk, glitter, glitter mist or anything else you desire.
Since I sign a confidentiality agreement I couldn't talk about the folders, or the Cricut Cake Machine either :)

For the next few days I will showcase some of the fun stuff we did. Here's a pic of my friend Beverly showcasing Zutter Products.

On My way to Anaheim on the plane to my left and right there were guys both coughing their head off, at that point I felt I was going to get sick, by the time I got to the Hotel, I started sneezing, I knew right then. I had caught whatever they had.

By 10 oclock my eyes were watery and my head felt like a watermelon.. Then I went to search for a CVS to get cold medicine there were nothing close by.

The next morning I felt like a truck went over me..Unfortunately I had to get up and get the samples the designers from Cuttlebug Challenge had created set up in the booth. I was sneezing so badly that Director of Product Development Bevan told me to go back to the hotel and rest..

I felt so bad having to leave them, since it was the three of us manning the booth. I went back to the Hotel lay down for 2 hours and then headed back to the Convention to answer questions and showcase the new products.
Jim the CEO of Provo Craft heard that I refused to spend the day in the Hotel came over thank me  and told me I must go back to lay down so I don't get anyone else sick.. wasn't that sweet of him???
Then Mike told me I must rest so I get better for the Trade show..

Here is a pic of the two of us and also of Cricut..


Oh yeah we all had to wear the Cricut Chef outfit for the debut of the Cricut Cake..and the hat, but
I didn't wear the hat for the rest of the show, I end up giving mine up since we ran out..
Come back tomorrow for more updates..


SewCalGal said...

I had fun at the CHA Show and great fun at the Cricut booth too!


Meda said...

So sorry you were sick! Now you made me go grab a bottle of medicine for the immunity system. I hate being sick!