Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What ever happened to Dinner and a Movie? Date Night & The American movie

Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? This was THEE weekend for me to catch up on all the movies I've been wanting to watch.

I have a confession to make. I'm the type that luvs to spend a whole afternoon just watching one movie after another to catch up..I usually prefer to watch movies on Tuesdays.

We have a movie theater that shows new releases that are at least a month old on "Tuesdays" for $1.00.. Yes you read it right. Check your local area for such theater. Usually they are the older ones that don't have stadium seating.

I think Tina Fey is the most wonderful comedienne that ever lived. I have a tendency to watch movies with certain actors I luv regardless if the movie is horrible or not....or have a bad review.

This Date Night movie is a laugh a minute at every turn, and as married women we can relate to the doldrums sometimes.

The premises are this overwhelmed married couple is trying to spice things up, only to fall into a series of unfortunate events..that lead them to fall in love all over again...Isn't that cute??? If you are looking for a fun comedy, I strongly recommend Date Night.

Now I would have enjoyed this movie much more if it was Steve Martin,  Will Ferrell, or Jim Carey in the male lead role instead of Steve Carell. He is a bit on the dry side for me to be with Tina Fey.
BTW Mark Wahlberg was super yummo :)

Moving on to The American with George Clooney..
Let me start by saying I was very disappointed and wanted the $26.00 back  my DH spent. Half way thru it I wanted to see the Switch instead with Jennifer Aniston which I did see. It was horrible in a huge, I'm talking  huge way...The American that is. I'm not sure why each Clooney movie portray women is such bad light.
From Prostitute to Liars pants on fire...

First let me start by saying The Borne Supremacy  Trilogy, Bonds, Transformer (both), Harry Potter movies are the type of action movies that float my boat.

Yeah I do like all the explosion, car chasing, building blowing etc... I'm that type of gal.

Just to let you know the American was the type of movie that makes you think about brownies all day.  Finally you hightail it to the bakery and  buy the brownie only to find out after the first bite it's made out of tofu not chocolate. So the build up of anticipation never come, it never really explained the premise of why they were trying to kill him, or elaborate on the irony  that he created a gun, which in the end they wanted to use to kill him.

BTW the trailer action you see on Youtube didn't  take place until 1 hour into the movie. Yep it is a slow process, but the scenery was magnificent. It reminded me of the Under the Tuscan Sun movie ...oooh another movie I luv... makes me dream to move to Italy.

You can see the Trailer on You Tube.

The Switch with Jennifer Aniston
I'm not really sure what all the hoopla is about Jennifer's movies not earning a lot when she is the headliner. See the article here.  I know for a fact I spend quite a lot of money on seeing her movies.She is my Heroine in real life! Let me elaborate more on why she is the Heroine.

She was smart to select a publicist that knows how to put a marketing factory behind her to milk the divorce for all it's worth. She got more mileage out of it than when she was married.
It's been what 7 years now? the media is still talking about the breakup...the supposed feud between her and Angelina. Last month she made the cover of the most important fashion magazine for the year.
You can't stand in line at the grocery store and not see her on some tabloid, regarding something she said about Brad etc...

That my friend is marketing at it's finest!  No publicity is bad. I got a divorce and yet I got nothing out of it. The worst part is I had to pay him palimony.

She needs to be the poster child for "There's life after Divorce" but it also helps to be
divorced from the right person.

Now you see why she's my Heroine. Anywhoo I digress.

This movie is about this girl that has a great job and wants something more out of life. A child for instance.then start the search for the donor that happens to be a toothy Greek God.
The BFF male kinda hinted there were something more than just friendship going on {wink}... a mishap happens and the child arrives as precocious and lovable as it can be. Then the bff fall madly in love and rides into the sunset. Actually since they were in NY, they walked into the Sunset...ooooh such a feel good movie a la Eat, Pray, Love which I happen to love as well..

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Come back and let me know what movie you rented?

What was the last good movie have you seen? Did you see any of the mentioned movies above?
What was your impression?

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Kraftychick said...

Because of my 7 yo DGS, I have seen both the Iron Man movies and I absolutely love them!! I also liked Avatar and the Toy Story movies!! But, my personal choice is always romantic comedies especially with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! But, I really watch the old classics - Gone With the Wind, Betty Davis movies and my idol - Kathryn Hepburn!!!


littlen said...

senior day is every tuesday at a theater near us, so tuesday is movie day. just saw "You Again". cute movie.

Court said...

Alright, now movies are one of my things and actually a main inspiration.

We also thought that Date Night was entertaining. It was a darker comedy than we expected, but we LOVE Tina Fey as well.

We didn't go see the American and now I am glad because the action movies you mentioned we watch regularly over and over.

I would like to see the Switch now!

I love Elizabethan/Jane Austen/Shakespeare movies as well so we just say the Duchess and hated it it for it's moral content even though we LOVED the scenery and appreciated the movie, LOVED the Young Victoria, and just finished Elizabeth an Elizabeth the Golden Age which we both enjoyed.

We also watched Coco before Chanel, but that was.. I still don't know what to think about it. It makes me so sad and proud of her simultaneously.

Okay, that's enough from me. Thanks for the review and have a great day!

just jayma said...

Thank you for the free code! I think we are going to rent a grown up film. NO TALKING animals, no goofy parents, nothing like that. I'm like you, the action films you listed are my cup of tea!

Ohhh Snap said...

The last movie I went to was The Expendibles. There I sat in a room 50% burly men and 50% middle-aged or older women who are not so very burly (I was in the latter group lol).

Sadly, our local 2nd run theater has shut down. The others are too far to go to be economical, unless you are in the area when the movies are showing. I've never used redbox, I'll have to put it on my list :D. Mostly I watch netflix or tv on my tv's computer. Or the library, love the library check it out for a week at a time and it's free :D. Thanks for the coupon!

Ohh did you see Men Who Stare at Goats?

Turnedgypsy said...

yeah I love giveaway. I never rent movies or go to movies. I know


Jennifer said...


Thank you so much for the Redbox coupon!!! :) My husband & I are too frugal to go to movies (even if we could find a $1 movie in our area, it ends up being a $50 night out by the time we pay for a babysitter for our two little ones), but we love renting them. We used to pay for Netflix, but we would keep the movie for a month or two before we actually took the time to watch!

We'll have to rent Date Night and The Switch (but I know it won't be out on video for a while).

Thanks for sharing,