Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is it Memorex or is it live?

Hi Everyone,
I get so excited when I find excellent ART that makes me question what I'm seeing.
Which brings to mind the tag line from Memorex.. Do you remember them Is it Memorex or is it live? before the advent of cd and dvds. I know some of you is too young to remember it... Walk down the memory lane with me for a moment..

I fell in luv with this artist work, at first I thought they were photograph, till I found out they are actual paintings.
Can you imagine having so much talent that your ART is taken for real life???
That got me thinking what have I created lately that makes me want to hang it on a wall and be able to see it on a regular basis and feel awe by it???

The answer is my darling daughter, I did have help from God and some help from My

The ART of Collin Boggle

Let me know what you think?

He also does still life

What changes you are about to make in your life? 
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Have a great day,


just jayma said...

WOW. Those are paintings?????? Holy cow!!@ Thank you for sharing this artist with me, I had never heard of him, and am amazed!

Ohhh Snap said...

Those really look like photographs! I was really impressed when I thought they were photographs, I can't imagine painting that tigers fur. TFS!co

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

Beautiful paintings.

Melissa said...

I thought they were photographs! Gorgeous!

I am hoping to start to get my life a little more organized and find some more "ME" time. This is the first year that both my boys are in school full day, 5 days a week and once I get our home back into order I plan on making time at least 3 or 4 times a week to craft!

Turnedgypsy said...

wow Maggie, no I do not have that type of talent

My granddaughter would really love the Princess cartridge. YOu are so sweet to do this. I love getting ideas from your blog.

grandma chris and caitlin

Melissa said...

The other change being made in my life is the new position I'm taking on in my boys school PTO. I'm really excited about the school year and all that we can accomplish!

Kim. said...

Great photo's very effective.
Kim xXx

Jennifer said...

That is crazy!!! :) Those look like photographs...what amazing talent!

Thanks for sharing,


Changes? Trying to get out from under all the clutter...probably going to take me months (just moved & refuse to unpack things we are not going to use-have been donating like crazy, but takes so long to go through everything)!

craftymom205 said...

Hopefully I will be starting a new job soon. Love those paintings.

stefeni said...

Amazing! I totally thought they were photographs! So talented!