Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Northridge Media Cricut Magazine Debut - Review!

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The long awaited Cricut magazine is finally on the shelves, and available online as a digital format for $4.95.  $39.95  for 6 issues and a yearly subscription for $74.95.

The magazine live up to Northridge  media publication reputation in providing excellence in inspiration. As always the format remain the same glossy 8x8, very minimal advertising that are not intrusive.

There has been some criticism of not having instructions for the layouts. Northridge media formula as seen on Scrapbook Trends Magazine doesn’t provide  step by step for every layout  that are published in the magazine, unless it’s a feature, as seen with the Cricut Magazine, this is a formula that has worked very well for them and it continues. I’ve been getting Scrapbook trends since 2008 I’ve yet to see step by step for every layout.

I am excited to have been part of the debut of the Cricut Magazine and feature an inspiration to create your own set of dishes, by using your Cricut, cartridges, vinyl and porcelain permanent paint, you can have a whole sleuth of dinnerware to suit your décor, or any occasion.




Here is the marker I used, once you have cured it in the oven, it will last so far mine still looks good after 3 months of usage. The pens says porcelaine , but they work very well on China, make sure you follow the time frame recommended on the guideline.




  • Many beautiful projects to keep you busy for a long time.
  • Fabulous ideas to showcase Cricut Carts
  • Good use of a mix of cards, home décor, layout, party ideas, something for everyone


  • Not much was done to the many cuts outside of cutting and gluing down
  • Other products in the Provo Craft line were not used to showcase how Cricut works well with them
  • The Cricut cake class was good for a beginner, but not for intermediate or if you have own your machine for a while.

I love the magazine and I also love the way they organized the sections with the tab that showcase a house for home décor, baby for the baby section etc…


Would you like to see for yourself how the magazine stack up?

Here’s how:

I have 2 copies to give away!

  • Leave a comment on what you would expect on the next issue, and be a follower!

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