Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simple {Moments} in Lusk Wyoming part 1!

There are times when things happened and you wonder why they happened to you? You see we were chugging along Route18 when we found the cheapest gas we've seen in the past 200 miles from Mount Rushmore on our Way to Denver.

We decided to stop at the {Outpost} to fill up, which is a really cute smaller tiny  version of 7eleven. Upon returning the car decided it will no longer move forward, it needed a rest.

What better spot to have car trouble? the good Lord was watching over us, cause the nearest town is 2 hours away from either North or South. Mind you this is Saturday morning at 11AM.

You see the Alternator went bad so did the water pump, being that we are in a small town population of 1200, there's only one part store and 2 mechanics. The parts had to be ordered on Monday from Denver and drop ship to Lusk by Tuesday.

We've been driving from Orlando to Georgia, Nashville TN, Louisville KY, Omaha NE, Sioux City, Wall, Keystone, Sturgis, Mount Rushmore SD. Seeing all the major sites and even took in Sturgis bike rally.

As you see spending 4 days in Lusk, Wyoming gave me a different perspective of small town America.
The people here are very friendly and helpful. There's a great coachmuseum, no not the pure the actual coaches the pioneers used in building the west.
I've found out there's only 2 real coaches from that area left one is in the Smithsonian and this museum here in Lusk.

We finally got the car fix and once again  we are on our way to Denver and scaling back on the trip.
While in Lusk I've learned the meaning of {Embraceing imperfection} truly letting go of things beyond my control. 4 Days in Lusk means we have to forgo some of the sites we had planned on visiting like Carlsbad cave, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs.

I've met new friends and discover life in a farming community. I am learning it is all about perspective. If you choose to find the pretty, the positive, then the good will find you with a positive attitude.


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