Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scrapbook supplies Sale

Hi Everyone,

I have way too many scrapbook supplies it's time to destash some of my stash. Please email me @ if you are interested in any of the supplies below :) Thanks for helping me out :)

Brand new never use! $139.00+shipping

Email me @
The Making Memories Slice Think Pink Cordless Digital Designer is available for a limited time only. This kit includes a Pink Slice and two design cards! Users will enjoy the fresh and feminine shapes on the new Think Pink Design Card and will go back to the updated Basic Elements card time and time again.

Pink Slice Cordless Design Cutter
Basic Elements design card and Think Pink design card
6" x 6" glass cutting mat, five blades, blade replacement tool, blade adjustment wrench
Repositionable adhesive and foam applicator brush
Basic Elements and Think Pink design guides
Power cord and user manual

Brand new Crafty Secrets stamps $40.00 for the set.

 I will post more as I go thru my stash :)


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