Thursday, July 30, 2009

Provo Craft Gypsy Party! CHA Orlando Summer

Hello Everyone:
Welcome to the Gypsy Party! Provo craft put 0n a very fun party with kewl food...
I gotta tell you a story, my friend who is a vegetarian wasn't eating anything, then Brad notice her not eating asked her why, she ten told him she is a vegetarian Within 10 mtes a waiter came in with a tray of all kinds of veggies for her, how kewl is that eh?
Did I mention that Brad was a Vice President at Provo Craft?

I just luv how they are so friendly and approachable..
Here are some pics from the party and also the goodies were amazing, free Gyspy for attending. Free carts etc..

Here's brad introducing Jim the CEO

The gypsy and the new font

Gyspy cake for Brad as well...

The buffet yum so much food...

It was a lot of fun being at the party and meeting people from the industry.
Have a great week,

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