Saturday, September 19, 2009

Provo Craft-Gypsy - Wandering with Diane in Europe! Part 1

What's that hiding in the seat pocket on a British Air flight today?
You guessed it - the new Gypsy!

Hi, it's Diane. We left home early this morning to fly to London - on our way to Italy for a long-awaited vacation. I was very lucky to receive a Gypsy to preview just before leaving on the trip - Thank you Provo Craft!

I will be reporting in from the road and letting you know how the Gypsy is working out for me. I already managed to make a "London" title in the Blackletter font - and I even made a shadow for it. With the Gypsy, this is easy to do. I created the title in the regular font first and then saved the file. I opened it as a template and then I could quickly create a perfect shadow.

The Gypsy is so light weight - I expected it to be heavier but it is very comfortable to hold and I could also use it sitting on the fold-down table on the plane if my hand got tired. The screen is very easy to see - you can zoom in as far as you like for great attention to detail. There was no problem with using it on the plane -since it isn't a communications device and no trouble going through airport security either. The Gypsy is a great travel companion so far.

The battery is still about half full - I used the Gypsy for a couple of hours, learning all about the features and figuring out how everything works. Most of the functions are very intuitive and there are help menus built right in. I think someone who hasn't used Design Studio may find it even easier - there are some differences in the way things work and I have spent so many hours using Design Studio that I have had to learn some new tricks - but it is not difficult at all! The power adaptor is multi voltage so I will be able to charge up the Gypsy when we get to our friend's home in Milan tomorrow (I have the cord but the wrong plug adaptor for England tonight).

The flight tomorrow will be short and I will have another chance to experiment with all of the functions - I am really enjoying the grouping feature! The two exclusive cartridges are also great - I had already seen these in the latest update to the Design Studio program. I had to laugh at the perfect match between the Gypsy case and the pillow covers on the plane - Provo Craft is up to the minute on the color trends for this innovative product!

I have very little life left in the laptop battery so I will sign off for now. Where will the Gypsy be seen next...check back here to see soon! (By the way - the photo on the left above is a view of Windsor Castle from the plane window - a bit blurry but it was fun to see it from the air).

PS don't forget we are giving away 2 gypsy.more info here

Have a great weekend,



Sammye Jo said...

Why do a see a section on the site for "The Wanderings of The Gypsy" with pictures of Gypsy owners and fab places they go, live, or have traveled to. lol. The next time I go to the islands, I will have to take the Gypsy (yes, I have to get one first,lol) and hold it up in the air and take a picture of us in front of the Cayman Islands dock or the St. Lucia pier. :)

Unknown said...

Hope you have a great time in Old Blighty!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to take it on the plane and create during that time - love that. Have fun on your trip.

Diane said...

That's one of my dream vacations! Have fun. What a great way to kill time on a plane flight, the gypsy!

Scrapamum said...

I am so super jealous...
A. For your wonderful vacation and
B. You have the awesome Gypsy

Enjoy every second of both!

Susie said...

Sounds like the Gypsy is perfect, can't wait to get it.

Kimba28s said...

Enjoy your trip and make sure to have way too much fun!!!