Sunday, September 20, 2009

Provo Craft Gypsy :Helpful Videos to get you started with the Gypsy

Hi Everyone,
It is so much easy to use the Gypsy. Much easier than I thought possible.
Below are a few videos to give you some ideas on how easy it is to you use the Gypsy.

Don't forget there are several ways to win the Gypsy.. to enter the drawing of the giveaway here

You have 3 chances to win, here off course, on the pink stamper blog, and on Christmas with the Cricut blog.
Good Luck,

Let us know where will you take the Gypsy and what kind of project do you think you will make with the Gypsy?

Have a fabulous Week!



Kimba28s said...

Very cool demos I am more and more excited everyday. So as far as where I would use it, well I work 7am- 6:30pm with an hour lunch so I would be able to sit and work on layouts during lunch and go home and just cut and glue. It would be great!

Amy C said...

Great videos!! I can see so many ways I could use the Gypsy to enhance my scrapbook pages and cards. I would use a Gypsy when we go out of town and feel like I am able to get some scrapbooking done while traveling. I would also love to use it when I go scrapbooking with my friends and not feel like I have to take all of my cartridges with me.

2Bis2DO said...

I'm so excited to get me a gypsy. Probably will get it from Michaels or on line somewhere. I will take it to the ball games, on long road trips and to bed with me so i can play with it and watch TV at the same time. LOL!

Unknown said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -- I am so excited about the Gypsy. We dont have cable where i live so i am going to go into my office so that i can watch HSN on the 24th!!! I cant wait!! Thanks for the videos - i am so excited!!!!!!!

kyscrapper said...

Great videos. Can't wait to actually see these things in person with my own eyes! Keep up the good work ladies. KY Scrapper.

Diane said...

Great videos...lots of good quality information here...if I had one I would take it everywhere with me....we take little mini vacations, so I could design to my hearts content and cut when I got cool would that be???

Katherine said...

Joy, you do a great job with the videos! Please keep them coming.

Diane said...

Great videos! Gonna be at your chat on Wednesday! The last chat was a lot of fun!

KimberlyO said...

Great videos! I ordered my Gypsy from HSN this morning. I used a coupon code to save $20.

458721 for new customers...15% off
347710 $20 off for existing customers

If the TSV is cheaper on Thursday, I guess we can call in and they will do a price adjustment.

I plan on using my Gypsy during my lunch hour at work, traveling during the holidays, etc. :)

- - Sheryl - - said...

If I was to win one - I would take it to crops, holidays, amd vacations. To capture ideas and creations on the fly and save them!

ScrapyTiff said...

You mention if the first video that you have to have the cart in the machine... I am confused. I thought that was one of the main points of the gypsy? Do you always have to have the carts in the cricut to cut with them?