Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jewelry with Wire Wrapping

I have recently started this wonderful adventure of wire wrapping cool stones. It is a learning process and takes time. I am used to instant gratification with cards and scrapbook pages. This is very much something that takes time and practice to get it right. I am still a work in progress. I am going to share with you one of my first pieces...

I used a couple of different colors of wired to add more interest. I love multi tone jewelry. I experimented with some designs on the front of the stone. I think it came out pretty well. Then I played some more.

The next two pieces I am sharing I did last night VERY late/early! LOL One is my first attempt at a different kind of bail. Then the second attempt went a little better. If I ever get it figured out I will share an AWESOME piece!

This piece was done on a purchased at a gem/bead/mineral show then I added the leaf by using stencil paste and a Dreamweaver Stencil! Again I used a multi-tone look on the wire.

I picked this stone for the rich colors and then just added simple wrapping to really show off the stone. This is my first real attempt at a fully wrapped bail...As I said, a work in progress! Hope you have enjoyed the venture into jewelry today! I love trying new things and love to explore creativity in all areas of my life!

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Happy Creating!



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