Monday, October 11, 2010

A Simple Sinful taste of Chocolate

Happy Monday,
I'm excited for today, as I focus on my menu planning this week. I've thought of nothing but scents of Chocolate.
I'm the type of gal the darker the better, I luv to use pure cocoa, pure Cocoa is not sweet, it's bitter and have this incredible oil that is wonderful for the skin.
Pure cocoa is wonderful in a bath, great for getting rid of bags under the eye.

Give me pure Cocoa any day over Godiva, they only use 35% or less Cocoa at most.  Hereshey's less than 5% Cocoa.
Did you know white chocolate is made of pure sugar and a few drops of simulated Cocoa oil?

If you want pure Cocoa, find a Spanish bodega near you, or ask a friend.
This week instead of an entree menu, I'm going to concentrate on dessert to assuage my thirst for Chocolate..


Almond and Chocolate Cakes


Chocolate Hazelnut


Coconut Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse

What is your sinful taste for this week?

Your coupons for the Week!

Have a fabulous week,

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