Monday, October 4, 2010

How to save at the Farmer's Market & a Fantastic Menu Plan

Hi Everyone,
Chances are there is a Farmer's Market in your area, where you can find fantastic deals along with fresh seasonal produce, and Organic fare. Check this website for listing of  Local Harvest.
Another way to save money is to belong to a Farm share, where you get a certain amount of food a month from the farms. More information here Farm Directory.

There's nothing more pleasant on a Saturday morning, armed with your menu list for the week, taking a stroll among the stall, amid fresh produce, your sensory senses get overfilled with colour and texture.

If you are an early riser and wants to get the best, freshest produce,  arrive at the market 20 mtes early as they are setting up to get the best choices..

If you are looking to save a lot, then arrive 30mtes prior to the closing of the market so you can bargain. Those merchants don't want to take the produce home, any left over will be sold at cost..

What can you find at the Farmer's Market?
It depends some market you can find Art, Clothing, depending of the type of market.
Items to get are the homemade pasta's, dips, sauces, flowers, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and yes I do get organic coffee, the best part they have tasting session so you can sample before you buy.

My favorite hands down is Artisan Cheese. They are crafted by hand using old world technique.

Here are a few pictures of my Farmer's Market, I was there very early at 7.30AM, as they were setting up.  I had the pick of the best tomatoes, plums, Asparagus, Onions, Corn, Peaches. I love the idea of knowing where the food came from, most of the merchants does put signs of what city and states they come from.

Let me know what farmer's market you go to and your favorite tips on savings.

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My Menu for the Week 

 Tuesday: Pork Chop with Mexican Rice

Wednesday: Easy chicken Rice Divan

Thursday: Mexican Chicken Casserole

Friday: Left over Rice Divan 

 Saturday :  Left Over Mexican Chicken Casserole


 Bargains at Walmart...


Eggs $.64 cents after coupon. $1 coupon here

Every week I will be posting the Micheal's coupons as they become available.


How are you saving money this week? and what are your menu meal plan this week?

Have a great week,




Anonymous said...

Thank you for the coupons, altho that tempts me to make more runs to Michaels

mekei said...

thanks. of course, i don't even know what we're having for dinner tonight

Turnedgypsy said...

I love farmers markets.