Friday, October 1, 2010

We have our schedule!

Hi Everyone,

Here's a schedule of what we have coming up for you. This schedule is subject to change.

Sundays: Fashion

Mondays: Weekly Menu and coupons

Wednesdays: Crafting 

Fridays: Card Making with Kristi

Monthly Feature

First Tuesdays of every month: "Let's do Lunch" where we explore a restaurant for two in our neighborhood for two on a $15.00 Budget.. Can you do it? are you for this challenge?

Here's what this challenge is about. As crafters we have busy lives, with kids, work, home, family etc..
This challenge is to take your significant other, friend, mother sister, whoever you want and go to town on $15.00 now there's a catch it can't be fast food..
It has to be an  actual restaurant..

What you will need!
  1. Pictures of your food
  2. Picture of the restaurant
  3. Picture of the Bill
 Create a post and leave a link for a chance to win a prize..
Doesn't that sounds like fun?

Second Saturday of Every Month: Book Club!
We will discuss a book and take your suggestions of what to read.. Participate in the discussion and have a round table..
Let's do a book exchange by listing books you want to trade in the comment section.. Remember to exchange you have to participate in the discussions.
It can be Audio books, any books not of a sexual nature..

What do you think so far? anything you would like to see covered?

Thank you,


Jennifer said...


Sounds great!!! :) I like the excuse of going out to eat once a month (although it's difficult for two to eat for $15 these days-even at lunch; I can think of a couple places where we can almost do it, but by the time you take tax & tip into account?). I'm not sure about the book club. I already go to a gifted parent book club once a month and I've recently found myself previewing (reading!) books that are appropriate for my 7 year old son. He's only in second grade, but reads at a sixth grade level. I never realized how inappropriate the content of these books is (divorce, sex, bullies...). We're in the process of reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Series. I can't put them down! So, believe it or not, it doesn't leave a lot of time for other reading.

I'm excited about the new schedule,


Turnedgypsy said...

Sounds good Maggie, can not wait!