Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...Dreamweaver Stencils

I know, I is Thanksgiving tomorrow and here are some Christmas Cards! This is a sneak peek at some of my cards I am posting in the next few weeks of Christmas Cards in not the usual colors. I used Dreamweaver Stencils on both cards. I love the Glitter on the card above and love the pinks! I even inked color on the edges of the clear glitter. Always up or a challenge!

We were also challenged with using some glossy blue embossing paste. This stuff is AMAZING! I did this card in honor of my Grandma Parker who loved blue and silver at Christmas. I just added the silver glitter over the wet paste. Another item I am just really getting into are the long pins. One of my problems was, I hated the pointy exposed end and don't always like to tuck the pin under something. Simple solution...add a dot of glue, in this case WELDBOND to the pin tip and glitter. It goes with the theme and makes it a much safer card! LOL

Check out my blog tomorrow and all the creative minds on Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Team. All of the links to all the blogs are on my blog as well!

As for tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my artistic friends, my family and most of all My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ! Remember to count your blessing when you feel you have nothing to be thankful will be amazed!

Happy Creating



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