Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November Rive!

Hi Everyone,

did everyone had a good Halloween? I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I do give out candy lol.

I am very excited that it is November 1st, y’all know what that means. It’s almost Thanksgiving time.. My favorite Holiday, why??? My DH makes the most awesome smoke Turkey.

We start by brining it for 36 hours, then smoke for 8 hours using cedar and his secret recipe on the fire, for that slow smoke juicy turkey..

Before I start drooling everywhere, here are the winners of the Lunch giveaway, thank you everyone for entering.



I’m sad to say that mostly when I received comments is when I’m giving something away, I had hope to see my friends more often and engage in conversations.

I’m thankful for those of you that comes every week to see me :)

This month I’m starting a new series on Passionately Artistic here. I will be sharing ideas for recipes, timeline to take the hectic out.

Here’s a fun wreath idea for you..





310 275c-86400,http _l.yimg.com_jn_util_anysize_419x-86400, Pork and Dumplings






Monthly lunch outing w/dh. Visiting Macaroni n Grill :)



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Moroccan Chicken Stew


Mediterranean Pizza Skillet

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Wednesday left over :)

Here’s this week coupons.







Have a fabulous week,


PS don’t forget Happy Haunting Cartridge giveaway here


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