Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Painting, Pears, Windows....oh my

I have been trying something new. I broke out my Claudine Hellmuth paints and Sticky Canvas and started to play. I have never painted so this is a new. I don't have a style or lessons or any clue as to what I was doing, just decided to do it! So this is my first painting.

I chose a pear as they are a happy fruit and have character. They also challenge the shading and change in color. I also did a mixture of color for the background.

I also did not want my pear just floating in space so grounded it on a simple "table top". I wanted the pear to pop out so I added the slight shadowing.

I like to mix color as it gives more interest. If I am coloring a stamped image or otherwise.

I did want to make sure and get some of the detail of the pear so added the speckles!

This is painting #2. Again, I love pears!

I wanted to add some other elements to this painting. so tried the look of a window and extra pears! I also wanted it to appear there was some texture on the wall. I love to blend several colors loading different colors on my brush at the same time.

They may not ever be looked upon as GREAT works of art, but at least I am trying something new and I am enjoying the new adventures!

Last, I am showing some closer shots of some of the areas!

I hope you have enjoyed my adventure into painting!

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