Monday, June 4, 2012

Let’s go to Choo-choo Churos Argentinian Steak Review


I was perusing for resto that has been added to the East Orlando area, when I came upon Choochoo Argentinian steaks.

This resto sits on a very busy street and on top of that facing the 408. at first we were not sure if the resto was open there were only 1 car in the parking lot.
This is not a quaint resto by any mean, it is a reminder of one of those pop up resto you find in Mexico city.
Once you parked you enter a little entrance to the right is a rustic patio with a small bar. The inside is very small with cow motif. The restroom is located around to the back of the building. This is mostly the type of place you go with your college friends to get drunk.

Upon deciding on the patio since we were the only patron, our waitress informed us she doesn't speak much English. I had to wrestle up my high school Spanish to communicate.
A gentleman came to help her with our order which I thought was kewl I get to practice some Spanish.

Upon looking at the menu I thought they gave us the wrong menu, the prices were above normal for this type of resto. prices starts from $21-30 for steak. I expect to pay that kind of money at places like Chatham's or Norman.
We ordered the empanada which was different it came with egg, raisin, and olive which was a great texture.
both of us ordered the Churasco with Fries. We did receive a small salad of lettuce, onions, and lots of vinaigrette to the point it was bitter. The bread was warm and luv the spiced butter.
However everything went down hill from there for us.

My steak:
IT was chewy and very salty, the fries was sitting under the steak and soaked up all the bloody juice from the steak and was soggy.
My friend steak came with rice instead of fries, told the waitress we need to have papas, she then took a plate began to scrape the rice off and told my companion the fries will be out in  mtes.
Water was on ration, I had to go into the resto to request water  times. Finally I asked the gentleman to leave the pitcher at the table since were were the only one there.
My friend didn't finish the steak it was too salty and chewy, requested a box.

Once I gave the coupon the gratuities became 25% instead of the 18% I was expected to pay.
Yes I feel I've been robbed as well, when I asked the gentleman about the gratuities he told me he didn't understand, his English is not that good. I feel like the Vonage commercial where the people give the  robbers all their belonging and thank them for taking their stuff.

Avoid this spot is my recommendation :)







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