Monday, June 25, 2012

The ugly duckling (Lady of the night)

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Imagine if you will. I’m sitting in the dining room sipping a refreshing coconut water lemon ginger drink I had just infused when my mother call, sigh.

An hesitated hello not sure what this conversation is going to bring, but somehow I know it’s going to be about something I don’t want to do.

Mom: Here it comes without any preamble I need you to come on sat to the garden meeting to take pictures.

Me: for how long and what time?

Mom: I don't know probably all day

Me: saying in my head all day with a bunch of people salivating over plants and no food but mostly edible plant cuisine, what excuse can I use to get out of it. in the 30 seconds I can’t find anything to use, but I came up with this I can do it for 2 hours only early in the day.

mmmm it went from a simple conversation to a nasty turn of event very quickly.

Mom: No I need you there until 11:30 pm

Me: Why I can’t spend 10 hours at that place.

Mom: I need you to capture the lady of the night I feel like I’m going to win in this category.

Me: oh my god do u know how boring that will be for me 10 hours of listening to nothing but plants and pretending I ‘m enjoying it.

Mom: Why is this so much for you to do for me? it’s one day of your life, it’s very important to me and I also want you to ride with the movers when they come in to pick up the plant, I have insurance on it but I want to make sure it’s not damage.

Me: what the heck u have that kind of $ to insure a plant what in the world. How much did this insurance cost?


Me: What you have $50.00 to insure an ugly plant.

Mom: it’s not an ugly plant it’s the lady of the night, I will have you know Coco Chanel use that plant in Chanel #5.

Me: I don’t care who use that plant this is crazy I have to sit in a truck babysitting a plant.Sheesh, I will do it this time but don’t ask me again.

Saturday I rode in the truck staring at the ugly plant, thinking of how I could have spent a better sat.

This is the part I need to apologize for acting like a teenager, lord and behold the ugly plant turned into the most amazing flower I’ve ever seen and the perfume oh my, I can see why Chanel used it in #5… the smell is intoxicating.

All in all I was very proud of my mom she won in the exotic category $100.00 that paid for the transport and insurance.

Want to see what the fuss was about?


budding flower, doesn’t it look like a fallopian tube?






Starting to open









more opening, looks like spider right?




90% open









A little history of this plant, what makes this plant so amazing, is the fact it only opens up at night time only for 1 night, by morning all the glorious blooms have close-up and the amazing smell is gone. If you to see this plant you need to make a date with it and stay up all night to admire it and bask into it’s fragrance cause you only have that 1 night.

What made my mom’s plant so amazing is the fact she had over 61 blooms from that 1 plant which is unheard of, next year she is going for the Guinness world record, hopefully with more than 61 blooms. It requires no care outside of watering once a week fertilize once a year.

The scientific name is night bloom cereus, it is native to the western hemisphere and will bloom from mid summer to autumn. They are heat resistant up to 100 degrees.

What do you think of the plant, gorgeous right?


Here’s a video on you tube how it opens up.


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