Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's go to Rengetsu Japanese Steak and Sushi!

hi Everyone,
Recently I went to dinner with 10 of my friends to experience Rengetsu’s Happy hour on Monday for their Nigiri Dollar special.
Upon entering Rengetsu you are welcome by the wall that changes colour with a very modern hostess station, that gives you a hint of the sophisticate experience you are about to encounter.
This is the type of vibes you will expect from New York, Miami or San Francisco, I’m excited to have such vibe here in Orlando, unfortunately as you will find out later this great vibe didn’t extend to the food.
I have to ask myself which is more important décor, atmosphere, customer service or Food?

As our hostess sits us, our waiter came in he is very young not sure if this is his first gig or not.
It was a Monday night like said before a slow night not too busy. We asked for the happy hour menu and ask a couple of questions regarding the Nigiri, our waiter had to go to the kitchen several times to get the answer which was ok, we ask him if he could repeat the answer to an item since he was on the side of the table.

He proceeds in a loud voice to say please pay attention and listen to what I have to say so y’all can understand, so I don’t have to repeat it again. what the heck? do you think you might get laryngitis or something?

Then he informed us with all of us ordering happy hour and the other patrons ordering as well it will best to order everything you might want off the menu now instead of later so he can bring all of it at once, ok sure we will refrain from ordering anything else from the menu.

30 mtes later we started on the Nigiri oh my I can tell why they are $1.00 they tasted like they had been on shelves for a week, not fresh or great either.
I had the conch I swear it tasted like it was calamari very bland no taste. We had to flag our waiter continuously to get water.

I ordered the kobi robata, I was very surprised to see how small it was , you can see it below.
Desert was fabulous, however one of my friends had a restaurant gc, and another had groupon. The waiter informed them they couldn’t use both of them, they had to sit at separate tables. He returned to let us know the mgr. will allow it, we had to wait for them to fix the bill several times.

It will have been a great experience if the food and the service matches the upscale décor, unfortunately it didn’t.
I will return more for the drinks and the ambience not for Sushi there are better spots in the Orlando area.




Art on the wall for sale on the way to the ladies room


The bathroom sink changes colour as you watch your hands.





My expensive robata for $8.00








Have a fabulous week,

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