Monday, September 14, 2009

Cutting Above Gypsy Giveaway!!

Oh goodness.......have you heard the news????

Cutting Above is THE new place for industry news, review information, tutorials, videos and just about anything else related to scrapbooking and die cut machines!!


have you also heard that

Provo Craft is helping us celebrate! That's right. They have generously donated 2 Gypsies to be given away for our launch as well as to celebrate their Grand Opening on HSN!! Now that's exciting news!

Have you heard all about the Gypsy and what it can do? Wow . . what a kewl machine. If you haven't heard about it yet, let me run down just a few of the advantage to owning this fascinating tool:

  1. provocraft-uses2 Portability . . you can use it anywhere
  2. Your cartridge library is now at your fingertips! This is great for scrapbook getaways and crops!
  3. Hand held device is lightweight at 11 oz.
  4. Ability to store up to 7000 cartridges!!
  5. Comes with 2 full cartridges preloaded (sweeeeet!)
  6. You can now view all your images without being tied to a manual or keypad
  7. Perform a keyword search on all your cartridge images . . even for ones that you haven't uploaded. This is great for cartridge research and planning for that next purchase
  8. Allows you to create templates when designing
  9. Comes with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase
  10. Ability to JAZ up your Gypsy with silicon skins, screen protectors and colored styluses

These are just some of the advantages of purchasing the Gypsy. To read more about this innovative new product and to even take the device for a test drive, visit the Provo Craft Gypsy web site.



Because we know you will WANT this wonderful tool and we know you will WANT to help us spread the word about the show on HSN and we also know you will WANT to get the word out about our wonderful blog . . . right????????

Well here's how you can do just that. First watch the HSN/Provo Craft launch on September 24th starting at 12 AM. Be sure to DVR or TIVO the show if you will not be home. While watching see if you can spot our very own Maggie and friends doing a 10 second infomercial using the Gypsy!!

Yay Maggie. We can't wait to see the footage!



Well let's hurry up and get to the good part about the 2 Brand New Gypsys to give away.

So how can you win? Well it's really easy.

    1. On your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or email groups and /or forums (where allowed), create/bump an existing post about the show on HSN airing September 24th. Please also post about the Cutting Above blog and its debut. (Note: If you do not have a blog, please get the word out in at least 3 ways to be eligible) 
    2. Become a follower of this blog Photobucket
    3. Put our blinkie on your blog or any other forum/group etc. you belong (again where allowed)
    4. Comment to this post with your follower information, links of your 3 shout-outs along with a description of where your blinkie is located.
    5. Comments should be posted by 12:00 midnight EST on October 2nd

      PLEASE NOTE:  Rules updated to include other forms of shout-outs

      It's just that easy!



      We will draw the winners on October 3rd and notify the lucky readers by October 4th.

      Seriously . . it couldn't get any easier than that :)

      Thank you so much for being a part of our debut and for also helping us celebrate the innovative Gypsy!!!

      Good luck!
      The Cutting Above Team :)

      PS. . . The more you tell your friends and make comments the better chance you have :)



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      Luria said...

      Thanks so much for the giveaway. I never win anything but I would love to own this wonderful tool.


      Net said...

      Im now a NEW happy follower of your blog. I dont have my own but I really enjoy all the information that you are posting on the Gypsy and other products.

      Cheri said...

      1. I'm a follower.
      2. I posted on my blog:
      3. I added your blinkie to my blog.

      Bram_fam said...

      I've also emailed everyone in my address book and added a blinkie on my blog.

      Anonymous said...

      Great give away! I hope to win, Thanks for the information about this exciting product!

      ArchivingAngel said...

      What a terrific opportunity! Thanks-
      I have posted your blinkie on my blog @, I am a follower and I posted notices on the following:Two peas in a bucket
      Hope I get lucky.

      Cassandra said...

      Thank you so very much!! I'm so excited even at the chance of winning!

      I am a follower and I posted your blinkie on my blog and I also posted my first shout out there:

      My second shout out I posted on CricutBlog, run by Happy Happy Joy Joy, Melanie and Tammy:
      September 21, 2009 9:05 PM

      And my 3rd shout out I posted on GraficoClub's Forum, a site run by where the sell commercial graphics by quite a few different artists:

      Thank you so much again for the chance to win and for such a great and informative site!


      Cher said...

      I would absoulutely die to win the Gypsy. I can't afford one so winning one is my only chance of getting one. Since I don't have any blogs or anything, I have listed your blog on 3 of my yahoo groups.. Hope that counts...

      Crafty Sue said...

      Wanna a Gypsy so bad! I am now a follower, posted to my blog and posted a blinkie on my blog.

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the opportunity! I am anew follower.

      This is terrific! Can't wait to hear who the winner is!

      Nate's Mimi said...

      I have joined as a follower and posted a thread here:

      Anonymous said...

      I don't have a blog. I'm still learning the ups and downs of of using the web to help my learn scrapbooking. I hope to win, but not sure how. Tammy loopgoop57@yahoo'com

      asuedonym said...

      I want the gypsy and my friends may too! I just let them know about your blog and contest at, michstampers yahoo group, midwest stampers yahoo group

      IRW Dana said...

      I'm a follower and I'm so thankful you've given a chance to win this wonderful too.

      Anonymous said...

      I am now a follower of your blog, an sending out emails to all my friends with a cricut and will post on my facebook page later on today I would love to win the gypsy! yippy!

      FitterTwit said...

      I'm so inspired!!!

      You can find my shout-outs on my blcom/Fittertwit)og (see above), Facebook ( and Twitter( Thank you for the great info on your blog and for this amazing opportunity!

      Kim said...

      Would love to win !! Posted to:

      Put my blinkie on facebook also

      Thanks for the chance, hope this is what I needed to enter

      RAP said...

      I put it on my blog

      The Cricut message board


      I also put the blinkie on my blog.

      I follow this blog too.

      Ami Adams said...

      This is awesome. I added the post to my blog at
      The blinkie is on the top right corner and I am responding to this thread. I have all of my fingers crossed amd my cats have their paws crossed too lol.

      Ami Adams said...

      I think I forgot to add that I am a follower of this blog too.

      Carla said...

      Just discovered your page. Please enter me for a gypsy give away!

      Thanks - Carla

      BlueRose said...

      Your on my blog and your blinkie is towards the bottom with my ads, where it will stay...Thanks for the chance to win..♥

      Melissa said...

      Oooooooh I want one!! Thanks for offering this. Oh what fun.

      FitterTwit said...

      What have you done!?!

      As before, I am a follower and my tweets can be found at

      The blinky is located on the front page of my blog in the "goodie bag" (see above)

      And finally, I can be found on FB: for my shout-outs to all my friends there.

      jmcstamper said...

      Would love a chance to win. I posted earlier but could not find my post. Hopefully, this will do it.
      I am now a follower.
      These are the only forums that I can post on.

      Marilyn said...

      Here are my 3 places I've put the info on,I will be keeping my fingers crossed,thank you for the opportunity to win te Gypsy.

      Marilyn said...

      I forgot to say I am a follower and your blinkie is on my blog,thanks

      Heather~Scrapfor4 said...

      What fun!!

      I am a follower now!

      Blinkie is in upper right corner of my blog.

      My three shouts!

      My blog....

      My facebook....

      Bumped a cricut thread about it!

      Good Luck Everyone!!

      MC said...

      I am now a follower of your blog! Can't wait until the launch of the Gypsy!! said...

      Added your link to my facebook page
      and I'm a follower.

      This is fun!

      msfreida said...

      WOW! I am now a follower and really LOVE your blog! I don't have a blog, but I do have a GREAT BIG MOUTH!!! I WILL get the word out! :)


      wvcathy said...

      I am now a follower - would absoluetly love to be a winner !!!!

      I do not have a blog . .


      ladybugstamper said...

      I've posted you're site on my blog. It's not blinking, but it's there. It is great that you are offering the Gypsy. Buying one is out of the question for me, my dear MIL has been diagnosed with breast cancer and I need to money for airline tickets to fly home. Good Luck to all the entries

      FitterTwit said...

      I am a follower. Your blinkie can be seen on the front page of my blog in the "goodie bag" at
      There is also a link to your blog in this post.
      My tweets can seen at

      And I can be reached on Facebook for my shout-outs there using

      Jenn M said...

      Thanks!! Can't wait to see the presentation
      My Shout Outs:

      I have become a follower and I added a blinkie to my FB page.

      Joanie said...

      I am so waiting for tonight! I want to win this! thank you for your blog.

      I have become a follower.

      I have posted on: 5327663

      Karen said...

      I want to win a GYPSY!!! I'm now a follower of your blog!! Thank you for doing the give away!!

      Gabby319 said...

      What a great giveaway. I am now a follower but do not have a blog so here is the links for my 3 shout outs: This is for and I am known as Jaycie there.

      Thanks for the chance to win.

      Anonymous said...

      I would love to win a Gypsy but I have no blog. Thanks for a chance in your drawing.

      Candice said...

      Hi! Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

      1. I posted to my blog here:

      2. I also put your blinkie on the right sidebar of my blog (you have to scroll down a little)

      3. I became a follower of your blog.

      4. I posted the info on Facebook here:

      5. I posted on Twitter here:

      Anonymous said...

      Thank you for this chance to win.

      d'Dragon said...

      Let's see, I don't have a blog, but I have a Facebook page, where I placed shoutouts for both HSN's premiere of the Gypsy & Cutting Above. I've been a subscriber to the blog for a while now, but now I'm also a Google follower & joined the Facebook group for good measure. I'm hoping I covered all the bases? Love your blog, by the way!

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for a chance to win. I will spread the word. Sandy,

      Beth Buss said...

      Wow, Love those travel pictures.
      Love to win the GYPSY. It looks
      like it would be fantastic fun and

      FitterTwit said...

      The HSN debut rocked!!!

      The deput was posted on Twitter last night as well as on facebook and your blinky is located on the main page of my blog in the "goodie bag".

      Anonymous said...


      - - Sheryl - - said...

      Hi - this is so exciting
      I did the shout out on my blog today to your give-a-way
      Fingers crossed!
      excited ..... whoop whoo

      - - Sheryl - - said...

      I also link your blog to a hotlink to the HSN item # so folks could see the video.

      - - Sheryl - - said...

      oh - forgot to add - I am a follower and also have your blinkie from days before on my blog - whew!

      Helen said...

      I know I left a comment on Saturday, and it is not here!!

      I had posted on Twitter, my facebook page, and bumped a post on the cricut site.

      I also posted on my blog and put your blinky there and on facebook.

      I hope this will count, since I already went to the trouble of posting the links before.

      Here's my blog:

      I would really love to win one--that's the only way I'll get one.

      Killam Creative said...

      Ooh, how cool! I'm a follower and have put a blinky on the top right corner of my blog:

      And I'm telling my Cricut friends in a private eBay group. Whee! I'd be so organized and productive with a Gypsy!

      Candace said...

      I watched in amazement last night on HSN. I love this new gyspy. It would sure be sweet to have one. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

      LindaP said...

      I became a follower!! Love the blog!! Thanks

      Brandy said...


      3 spots....CHECK!

      Blinky...CHECK!...on my blog top right sidebar.

      Anonymous said...

      Another person here without a blog. Been following the site for sometime now. I post on another scarp site and have told numerous friends about this great and fun tool. This would make my year to win a Gypsy. Crossing my fingers.

      Guyland Gal

      FitterTwit said...

      Some Serious Mojo

      lado said...

      Fantastic give away. I don't blog, but you are my favorite on reader.

      Kathy said...

      ohhhhhhhhhh sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! I hope im the lucky one..heres my 3 postings!!

      NancyJones said...

      I am a follower

      I have your blinkie and I posted it on twitter and on facebook :)

      This is sooooooOOOO cool!

      I NEVER THOUGHT about doing cupcakes how cool!!! YALL ARE SOOO SMART!!!!

      NancyJones said...

      Anonymous said...

      I'm Theresa so glad to have found your blog from another blog.
      Here are my links
      I don't have a blog but it says I don't need one in the rules.
      Keeping my fingers cross and all my grey hairs.
      I did add your blinkie to 2 of the sites that allows signature
      Thank you so much for the opportunity

      Donna VW said...

      I am a new follower of the blog - What a great giveaway!

      Lori said...

      Very cool giveaway!!! Wouldn't mind winning!! LOL

      Can't ait to see what cool stuff gets posted here :) Good luck with the new blog!

      Tricia said...

      I am telling everyone about your blog.

      FitterTwit said...

      Shout out can be see at

      You can find my shout-outs on my blog (see above), Facebook ( and Twitter (

      beadz said...

      My sister ordered her Gypsy from HSN and I am so jealous!

      beadz said...

      I love the carts that come loaded on the Gypsy!

      beadz said...

      I love your blog - I'm checking it everyday.

      beadz said...

      I would love having all my carts loaded and not having to pull them out every time I want to use one.

      beadz said...

      I think the cherry blossom is my favorite skin.

      beadz said...

      Can you imagine having 7000 cartridges?

      Dianna said...

      Would just LOVE to win a Gypsy!! Thanks for the opp.

      a)I am now a follower of your blog.

      b) Have posted blinkie on my FB.

      c) Have posted comment on:


      MelissaR said...

      YAY!!!! I'm so excited for the chance to win a Gypsy!
      I am a follower and have posted a fan blinkie on my blog at:

      I have given you shouts at:

      Cricut MB: POST #24

      and on my Blog:

      Hope I did this right! Hope I win 8-)

      sandi7753 said...

      I do not have a blog but I have just become a follower.

      Kelly Braund said...

      How exciting!!! :) Here's my blog
      I posted about the Gypsy & your debut!
      Also- blinkie is on the right side of my blog & I am follower Kelly Braund.


      beadz said...

      Wow! It is incredible that HSN sold out of their Gypsys!

      beadz said...

      I guess I am going to have to keep my fingers crossed to win a gypsy from you!

      bachndachs said...

      Thanks so much! I love your blog!!
      on homepage

      Mindy Andreyo said...

      Hi I

      1) Bumped a comment: -

      2) Here is my blog posting:

      3)I tweeted:

      Your blinky on my blog:

      I am a follower: mindy andreyo

      Debbie - Olivia's Nana said...

      I so wanna win!!!!!!

      Here are my shout outs
      Let a post at:

      Added your blinkie to my Blog

      Posted a shout out and your website on my facebook.

      and am now following your blog

      Tina said...

      How AWESOME!!! I SOOOOOOOOOO want a Gypsy! So much so that I posted it on FB, on Twitter, made a blogpost on my blog (, put a blinkie on my blog, and top right corner in the "Blog Candy" section posted it AGAIN!!!

      Thank you for the chance to win one.

      Anonymous said...

      I am a follower. ( i can't log in today but my name is kaloee . )
      I posted here.
      I called my neighbors .
      I sent emails.
      I enabled many on the fence during the reveal via the MB .
      Thanks for the chance to win!

      CreativeChretin said...

      I am a follower, my name is CreativeChretin
      I posted on facebook (Amy Chretin)
      I posted on Twitter (creativechretin)
      I posted on Creating Keepsakes Message Board (Bride-to-be1007)
      I added the blinkie (


      FitterTwit said...

      I am one of your followers; your blinkie is posted on the main page of my blog in the "goodie bag", can be seen:

      You can find my shout-outs on my blog (see above), Facebook ( and Twitter (

      thescrapmaster said...

      What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win one of these babies!! Your site is so awesome. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

      I blogged about you here: and I have the blinky proudly displayed on the sidebar as well :O)

      Cindyloohoo said...

      I am a follower now and posted a blinkie and a shout out on Facebook. Sounds like fun. How do you post a blinkie. Still in the dark.

      FitterTwit said...

      I am a follower, Blinkie is located on the main page of my blog

      You can find my shout-outs on my blog (see above), Facebook ( and Twitter (

      beadz said...

      So, how much longer til the announcement?? I can hardly wait!

      beadz said...

      I used my Cricut tonight with Design Studio and kept having to exchange carts. Gypsy is going to make this so easier!

      FitterTwit said...

      BEADZ! I'm with you!!!

      Anonymous said...

      I follwer, not a blogger. Sorry no to win. Susan

      FitterTwit said...

      Cutting Above is mentioned on this follower's blog at
      Blinkie is on main page of blog.

      You can find my shout-outs on my blog (see above), ( and Twitter (

      beadz said...

      My sister is scheduled to get her gypsy tomorrow! I'm so jealous! (But happy for her :) )

      beadz said...

      I really need to win this!

      beadz said...

      I went to a Copic Club tonight at a LSS, and shouted out to the ladies there about Gypsy and Cutting Above!

      Donna said...

      Would love to win a Gypsy.

      Don't have a blog (sorry) so I couldn't leave a link there and had no where to put the blinkie.

      I am now a follower.

      I posted a link to Cutting Above on my facebook

      Leaving a comment here with the link to my facebook

      Crossing my fingers now......

      RaeChelle said...

      I became a fan and posted a blinkie on my blog today:

      Anonymous said...

      I will love to win a gypsy. Being a mother of 3 keeps me pretty busy and on the move. As a PTA member we are looking for ways to promote parent involvement. This tool will be perfect to use with my cricut in the schools arts and crafts to create posters and bulletin boards. As well as our scrapbooking classes for parent involvement. I consider this a great opportunity. Thank you for your consideration. Yami

      Stampin Craze said...

      I did see the show but wa sjust able to log on and post here.

      I am now a follower of your awesome blog. I also posted on my blog at and added your blinkie.
      Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win the newest product..

      Jessica said...

      Hey Ladies! Well, I've started following, I've linked you to my blog, and I tried to get the blinkie for my blog, but I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Any way, I sure would love to win a Gypsy! I live on a fixed income, so I won't be able to buy one. So I shall cross my fingers. Thanks for the chance!
      You can find me at

      beadz said...

      I actually got to hold a gypsy in my hands today- the size is so cool!

      beadz said...

      The screen graphics were much better than I had imagined.

      beadz said...

      Love the carts that are loaded on the Gypsy!

      FitterTwit said...

      Follower with blinkie on front page of

      You can find my shout-outs on my blog (see above), and Twitter ( Thank you for all of the inspiration and the opportunity to win such an amazing prize.

      FitterTwit said...

      Again Beadz... I'm with you! LOVE those defaults!!!! I sooo want that coffee mug and the pumpkin! hahahahaha!

      Angie said...

      Thanks for the chance to win! I am now a follower and have posted this drawing on my blog and added the blinkie as well.

      Anonymous said...

      Fingers, Toes, Eyes and anything and everything else crossed hoping i win one.

      Blinkie: Your Nlinke is located on the actual blog post and the right side of my blog. The 3rd image between translator and About.

      1. Blog Post:

      2. One BTT on the Cricut Board: It is a bump of my original post.

      3. my tweet:

      4. Facebook Newswall:

      #1Aunt (Marianne) said...

      Thank you for the chance to win! I have followed all of your instrutions. I am a follower of this blog, posted about the HSN primiere blog, and have your blinkie on the top left corner of my blog at If I am lucky enough to be a winner, I am #1aunt on the Cricut MB.

      By the way, you have a great blog!

      FitterTwit said...

      Blinkie/Bumps can be found at

      You can find my shout-outs on my blog (see above), ( and Twitter (

      Anonymous said...

      hi again,
      Please please please pick me, if i had a gypsy i would be creating more gift items for Christmas, since I can't afford buying gifts for i am unemployed.
      I created more threads

      Ahauna said...

      1) I subscribed to your blog
      2) posted here:
      3) posted on facebook:
      last two days to win a gypsy: you can sign up here:
      Cutting Above: Cutting Above Gypsy Giveaway!! Source: {freebies} {subscribe} {events} {contact us}

      Hope I win! DH is out of work so it's KILLING me not to be able to buy one. But if I can win one, WOOOOHOOOOO! Thanks for the opportunity.

      Anonymous said...

      awesome giveaway, but I don't have a blog! I'm crying inside right now! the gypsy looks awesome!

      Cass Campbell

      debe said...

      No blog and sadly because I'm in the U.K. no Gypsy yet

      Clarissa said...

      I became a follower and posted a link to my blogspot. and posted a comment on cricut messageboard

      Third way I shouted out is I emailed my friends.

      Hope to win.

      GrandmaD said...

      I did post it on my blog. I don't go to other places much so I did send a few e-mails to my friends does that count?

      Sandra Perdomo said...

      wow I am super excited , thansk for this opportunity I am folloing your blog , added your blinky to my blod and posted a link talking about your wonderful prize

      Thanks again

      The Velasco's said...

      I'm crossing my fingers....toes....arms.....feet etc. I'm very excited!

      1st post

      2nd post

      3rd post

      Liana Lopez

      Sandy Suarez said...

      Wow.... how exciting! I so want one of these. I am now a follower and have added you blinkie to my blog

      and also a post on my blog about the contest

      posted a message on the cricut board

      and posted it on facebook.

      Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win a gypsy!!!!

      Samantha said...

      I dont have a blog but i hope tht I can still be entered...

      jillita969 said...

      Hello, thank you for the opportunity to win a gypsy, this would truly come in handy for the many waiting rooms that I sit in constantly!!! Here are my postings:

      Olivia Reinsel - Supervisor said...

      Great contest!! I am still learning all the computer stuff. I subscribed to your bolg and put your blinkie on my blog. Plus I commented too.

      Nikki said...

      THANK YOU! please pick me! I want one SO bad!

      I am now a follower of your blog

      I blogged about you

      *Please notice the blinkie on the right side of the page - about two thirds of the way down!

      I tweeted about you

      I posted a link to the giveaway on my facebook page

      THANK YOU!! so exciting!!

      ...Tara... said...

      what a great opportunity!! I've been looking at this but just isnt in our budget right now. This would be awesome to win :)

      Cathy said...

      I am now a follower...

      -Blinkie is on blog post!!

      Thanks for this wonderful chance, for someone to win!


      Scrappinology said...

      WOOOOOO HOOOOO! DO I WANNA WIN A GYPSY? YOU BET I DO!!! What an awesome opportunity this is! You ladies have a great blog and I am so glad I became a follower.

      I added your blinkie to my blog and a shout out there too..

      I shouted out at Two Peas (hoping the thread won't get!)

      I also shouted out at (even though you did! lol!)

      Thanks ladies!!! I am crossing any and every thing I can cross!


      Anonymous said...

      pick me, pick me!! I don't have a blog.. but I LOVE looking at everyone else's. :) This machine is awesome!! I really need (want) it!!

      Mindy said...

      Would love to win this one. I have started following your blog, posted on my blog ( and blinkie is on. This would be great.

      Brenda said...

      Thanks for the chance to win. I have posted mine on

      Michele said...

      WOW!! What an awesome giveaway!!! I posted an entry on my blog ( about this fantastic giveaway!! I also placed your blinkie on the right hand side of my blog. Thank you for the chance to win!!


      Anonymous said...

      Yeah! I am so excited. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one. Can't wait to get more info. The Gypsy looks so cool! I don't have a blog but will be posting it in my facebook.

      Joyce Teague

      Lynne said...

      I posted the blinkie on my blog it is towards the bottom
      I also became a follower
      I also emailed 3 people about this site!! Yahoo!!

      Debi said...

      As for little me I don't a blog or any of the other things that you talk about.I don'teven know what those are all about.But I do know I would love (love) to win.I will tell everyone I know about the GYPSY!!!!!! And I have big mouth...That the old way...

      Liz said...

      Wow. Great give away. I don't have a blog, facebook or twitter. I have become a follower of you blog and sent a link to your site to 5 of my crafting friends.

      Tracy said...

      I don't have a blog but I am now a follower of this one. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for doing this.

      Schultz Family said...

      i posted on my blog about your lovely website and giveaway at
      I became a follower and i added your blinkie under my blog header...

      Karelj said...

      I posted a link on my blog, and will post your blinkie there, too!

      Karelj said...

      I posted the link to here on Facebook.

      Karelj said...

      I posted the link on Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends.
      Thanks for such a great chance to win!

      Karelj said...

      I posted a link to this on a private swapping board. Thanks for the chance to win this!

      Anonymous said...

      thanks for the chance its a very nice thing your doing :)

      Cheryl said...

      wow I just saw one that my friend bought............boy I would really like to win one,.but I will buy if not

      mommyfink said...

      Wow! That is an AWESOME giveaway!!!!! I posted info about the HSN launch and your blog at: my blog; my forum; twitter; and facebook. I also added your blinky to the sidebar on my blog.

      I also became a follower! Thanks so much for the give-a-way!!!

      gr8day2no said...

      I'm so excited!! I posted the HSN premiere on my blog, posted your blinkie there too and became a follower of your blog! Thank You

      Jen said...

      Woweee, this is exciting!~

      *I posted the blinkie on right hand sidebar of my blog here:
      *I created a post about this giveaway and your new blog here:
      *I am now a follower too!
      *I have also told friends about it too!
      Thanks for the chance!

      Matthewsmommy said...

      boy am I behind in the times.
      I left a comment
      I am a willing follower
      I sent email to eveyone on my face book and email address.
      That's all I can do, it's a small effort but maybe I'll win.

      Tennille said...

      Pick Me!!!
      I'm now a follower too!

      OCCricut said...

      WOW!!! How Exciting!!!

      I missed the HSN show, but I have posted a link to your blog on my Blog (where I've put your blinkie also) and put a post on Face book

      AND, I'm now a follower!!! Looking forward to exploring your blog more!

      FitterTwit said...

      OOOO it's almost here folks!!! You can see the blinkie, bumps and mentions at

      golfergal said...

      I am a newbie and just learning to do all the things you gals do! You are all so awesome. Have blogged on all my favorites how wonderful the Gypsy sounds!!!!

      Can't wait till it come out!


      FitterTwit said...

      OMGosh... welcome newbie! You're gonna LOVE it! Scrappers are a crazy bunch! LOL! Crazier than golfers sometimes... if you can imagine! hahahahhaha!

      Wendy Pendarvis said...

      Wow!!!!! I am so excited about the Gypsy give away. I tried to purchase one on HSN but they sold out too fast :( -thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win one. I have subscribed to your blog and am very excited about learning new ideas and concepts. :)
      Wendy Pendarvis

      Claire said...

      OK I think I did it. Here goes.

      1 and 2. I posted a link to my Blog with the blinkie in my post

      3. Then I posted it into my facebook to tell ALL my friends!! (I don't know if this is the link or not but it's there!)

      4. And I am an avid follower....

      I hope I have them all. Thank you for the chance and I'm keeing all fingers and toes crossed..... Please.

      Patti said...

      Thanks for the chance to win a Gypsy! They are super cool!

      I am now a fan!

      I posted your blinkie on my blog

      and I posted a link to your blog on mine!

      Thanks again!


      Angela Monges said...

      Hopefully I'm eligible!

      I posted a comment and the blinkie on my FB page:

      I joined the Cutting Above group on FB.

      I'm a follower:

      I demonstrated how to use the Cricut at a work crafting/networking event and shared info about The Gypsy. I gave my network a list of Cricut-related blogs which included your wonderful blog!

      I emailed my mom and sister about HSN, The Gypsy and your blog.

      beadz said...

      I have been playing with my sister's gypsy - and I really want one!

      beadz said...

      It is so cool that you can preview carts that have not yet been released!

      Irene said...

      I added and posted about this great chance to win a GYPSY, Yeah!!!!
      I'm a follower and here's my blog.

      Anonymous said...

      I don't have a blog, I am still learning about all this blog stuff!!! lol I have a cricut expression and lots of carts, but would love to win the Gypsy!!
      Thanks for the opportunity!!!

      Cristina said...

      Hi...okay, so I'm a follower now..
      I have posted the blinkie on my page and I have posted it on my blog...

      thanks for the GREAT giveaway!!
      God Bless,

      SewCalGal said...

      What a delightful giveaway. Oh how I'd love to win a gypsy. Just seems like such a fun product.

      I am a follower. And I've posted on my blogsite for contests & giveaways:


      Colette said...

      I hope I win. I put the blinkie on my FB along with shout outs for the blog and the give away. I follow the post. So I belive I did everthing needed.

      Sheila said...

      Please enter my in this drawing for the Gypsy! I posted a "Blinkie" on the righthand side of my blog plus I became a follower. Here's my blog.

      Julie said...

      I have my 3 shout outs:
      1. I have a link to my blog here
      2. I have double blinked! Once in my right hand sidebar and once on the main page where your giveaway announcement is. ;0)
      3. I have become a follower.
      Thanks Cutting Above and Provo Craft for this AMAZING chance!!! XOXO, Julie. :0)

      bvnaia said...

      Wow I can't believe you are giving everyone a chance at getting a free Gypsy. Do I have a chance too, even though I just started my blog today?

      Here is the link to my blog along with the fan blinkie on the right top of my page. I also am a fan of your blog (I just joined today but have followed your blog for a while now).

      Peg Smith said...

      How fun! What a great gift!!
      I put your blinky on my blog, and subscribed and commented.
      I sure hope I'm lucky!!

      Anonymous said...

      I am now a blog follower and put your notice on the follwoing: on
      I hope I did this correctly. This is a first for me.

      Diana said...

      I posted on message board
      I don't know how to do the blinkie thing sorry, I'm techie challanged.
      Thanks for the chance to win, I would love a gypsy!!!!!

      Julie's jots said...

      This would be great for me so I can still design for my cricut!!! I am about to have double knee replacements and winning this would be great along with my new knees!!!

      ScrapDiva4Ever said...

      The gypsy would be a wonderful gift to win. So I hope I win to and see what it's all about!

      1)I've posted comment about the gypsy on my blog.
      2)I became a follower and
      3)I posted the blinky on my blog on the right sidebar.


      Thank you!

      The "G" Girl said...

      Wow how awesome. If I win I will give it to my SISTER..........I am NOW listed as 1 of your FOLLOWERS. I do have a BLOG but have no clue how to work it yet. So I have your BLINKY posted on my Cafemom Page over to the right just below my group names.
      I have your Blog Link posted on Myspace -

      Facebook -

      And the 3rd Post is in my own Group on Cafemom -

      The "G" Girl said...

      I'm also going to email both my sisters because they scrapbook and both of them want his very badly. I also will post this link into my other group I own on Cafemom. It is a group that only Owners can enter. And of course we are scrapbooking Gals that own SCRAPBOOKING groups. So now guess how many ppl are going to hear about your BLOG. Wow do you know how BIG Cafemom is. THe word is out JUST for you and BECASUE I want to win & give it to my SISTER.

      Anonymous said...

      I have passed along the message to all of the people in my email contact list that I know would be interested in your website! I went way over the 3 requirements by doing so. I do not blog or twitter or facebook. I hope that I am elligable to win the Gypsy because I want to win sooooo bad I can taste it! If I need to verify that I sent emails to ppl so that I can be entered into the drawings, please let me know.
      Please enter me in the Gypsy drawing.
      Thank you,
      Grandma Mickey

      The "G" Girl said...

      Oh my I posted it on the Archiver's FaceBook page. Now that is getting the news out. Good Luck to ALL of us.

      Sharon said...

      This is SO exciting! I'm already a follower!

      I placed the blinkie on my Facebook page where I also posted info regarding the blog:

      I also posted to Splitcoaststampers:

      And last, but not least, I posted to the Cricut message boards:

      Jacque said...

      I'm a follower now ;)
      I've also got your blinkie in my right hand side bar on my blog
      I've also posted on my blog

      and here

      and here

      and I would just loooooove to win this :)

      The "G" Girl said...

      Emailed both my sister. If I can figure out how to post on my BLOG I'll do that too but I only have 2 followers

      I wanta WIN just as much as the next gal. Yes I'll keep posting until I go to bed. I know it only takes 1 entry to win.

      The Girls are EXCITED. Oh I might keep it for myself. The girls will teach me how to use it. I have only been scrapping for about 2 years.

      Oh my gosh what an EXCELLENT offer.

      cloudofdreams said...

      WOW how nice to have a chance to win a Gypsy!! That is just amazing!!
      I posted your blinkie on my blogs

      Natalie said...

      It's on my facebook:, it is on my Blog and your blinkie is up at the top. Good luck to you and your wonderful site!

      Natalie said...

      Oh yah, I am a follower, too!

      ~ Pink Crafter ~ said...

      I can't believe it!
      I am a follower, although I did not see the preview on Septemeber 24th on HSN I did attach the blinkie Icon and the HSN video to:

      My facebook page~ (Under comments)

      My Myspace Page~ (Under Blog Entries.

      And my new blog (On the right hand side in the middle of the page).

      I would LOVE to use my Gypsy in my upcoming blog videos and promote it constantly! I am SO excited!!

      Carmona Family said...


      Carmona Family said...


      Im also a follower from my blog :)

      Meighen Arvay Montagnese said...

      I have posted the blinkie to my home page. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

      Carmona Family said...

      Just can stop thinking about the possibility of winning a Gypsy!! Thank you so much for the chance! i really hope im a lucky winner!! Just today i text my husband while he was @ work telling him i found out how much it was and that i was so bummed after :( .. this would be the greatest thing ive ever recieved!! ive never won anything before!!! Thank you so muhc!!!

      - Kimberly

      Lori said...

      I would love to win the gypsy. I t would be the best thing I ever won.
      Thanks for the chance

      Cinnabon said...

      I am now a follower. I posted on my blog and facebook and Loveisinthedetails

      I also added your blinkie to my blog and to love is in the details, and to the best of my ability, facebook!

      Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

      Anonymous said...

      I am just a regular follower of
      your site. I enjoy all the new
      information. thank you

      Kazzy73 said...

      WOW WOW WOW !!!!
      I cant beleive your giving away Gypsys.I am now a follower and haveyour blinkie and a posting on my blog.
      Many thanks if Im lucky enough to win
      Karen x x x x

      Anonymous said...

      This looks great I am now following you!!Fabulous Blog Ladies TFS:)x

      Lori said...

      I gave 3 shout outs:

      Iam a follower now. I finally figures out how to post the blinkie my new blog in a post at the top.

      I also posted a blinkie to my myspace page on the left hand side under music,

      I hope I did it right.

      Thank you for the chance to win a Gypsy.

      lil.miss said...

      I am wondering why my comment is NOT showing up...:( I can't find myself....I hope that I am just not seeing it....

      Tricia said...

      I am now a follower and have added the blinkie to my e-mail signatures as I do not have a blog of my own.

      I sent out an e-mail to all my contacts about the Gypsy and the infomercial on HSN.

      I hope that's enough to get me entered!!!!

      Love your site!

      kandilin said...

      I don't have a blog but would like to
      win a gypsy

      Anonymous said...

      Great Giveaway! I don't have a blog but thanks to the one who lead me here. I am sure the winner will be very excited.

      kathy said...

      I want to be a follower and win a Gypsy! Kathy

      rhonda said...

      Would love to win this Gypsy! I am now a follower. Thanks.

      lil.miss said...

      Let's try this again...although I am really confused as to where my entry from last night went...*shrug*

      1. I tweet'd:

      2. I Facebook'd:

      3. I became a follower!

      4. I blog'd:

      5. I add'd the blinkie to my sidebar under Fun Stuff!

      I am so excited about this contest and am awfully glad that I found out about it...I have also found a new guilty pleasure, Cutting Above!!! Happy Day!!!

      Sherri said...

      How VERY exciting!!!!!!! I would love to win a Gypsy.

      I posted on my blog about the giveaway

      I also added a blinkie to my blog

      I tweeted about it scunning74

      I became a follower

      I posted a link on my facebook page - my facebook is private though - so you might not be able to see it.

      Thanks so much for this chance to win!!!!!

      KnittyKnots said...

      I am now a follower of your great blog site. I have added your blinkie to my blog and I also posted a link to your site in regards to the gypsy.( I hope I win. Due to budget cuts my job was cut and I have been just subbing for our school system so until I get a real job I won't be able to buy the Gypsy!! So I am hoping to win won!!

      Thanks for the great give away.

      Anonymous said...

      wonderful give-away...I'd love to win a Gypsy... don't have a blog spot but I've told everyone about it...even people who aren't crafters !


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